-Mixed Early English Edition Set in Dust Jackets-


Mixed Early English Edition Set

By: Winston S. Churchill

Thornton Butterworth Ltd. [London]

Biblio: (Cohen A69.2 (I.j, II.f, III-1 &2.e, IV.d, V.13) (Woods A31ab)

8vo (5 volumes in 6 books. 2500+ pages, illustrated with folding maps and plans.)

Hardcover (with Dust Jackets) [Dark blue cloth]

Item Number: 206580

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Collector's Guide

The World Crisis is Churchill’s highly subjective history of the First World War. Comprising five volumes (in six books) written over eight years, the initial titles were first published in the U.S. (by a matter of days), making the American edition the true first edition. Volume I (1911-1914) and Volume II (1915) were published in 1923. Volume III (1916-1918 ) was published in two parts in 1927 (hence the five/in six volumes ultimate format). Volume IV (The Aftermath 1918-1928) was published in 1929; and Volume V (The Unknown War/The Eastern Front) in 1931. A one-volume abridgment by the author was soon issued. Most subsequent re-issues have been incomplete, abridged, or otherwise condensed versions of the original text.


This is a virtually mint Mixed Early English edition set, in the very rare original dust jackets, which are in extraordinarily fine condition.

VOLUME I (Book 1) is the Eighth Printing of the First English edition, according to Cohen (published February 1930 and denoted by the publisher as the ‘5th Impression of the Third English edition’). The dust jacket retains rich color, with some faint fading at the spine. There is a smattering of very light foxing to the fore-edges of the book, else fine.

VOLUME II (Book 2) is the Sixth Printing of the First English edition, according to Cohen (published March 1929 and denoted by the publisher as the ‘3rd Impression of the Second English edition’). The dust jacket is impressively fresh.

VOLUME III/PARTS 1 & II (Books 3 & 4) are Fifth Printings of the First English edition (published September 1930). The books and dust jackets are mint.

VOLUME IV: THE AFTERMATH (Book 5) is the 3rd Printing of the First English edition (published June 1929). The dust jacket is bright on both faces but somewhat darkened along the spine. There is a hint of edge-wear and a single short tear on each face. The contents are fine.

VOLUME V: THE UNKNOWN WAR — THE EASTERN FRONT 1914-1917 (Book 6) is the First Macmillan Reprint edition (published 1941). The very bright dust jacket has darkened slightly along the spine. The contents are fine. (When Churchill’s publisher, Thornton Butterworth, went bankrupt in September 1940 the Macmillan Company bought the rights to publish its titles. By far the scarcest is this one. Churchill bibliographer, Frederic Woods reports only 600 sets of sheets were left for this edition, so the book itself is scarce, and the dustwrapper, incredibly so.)

A singular jacketed set of superb quality.