NEVER GIVE IN! The Best Of Winston Churchill’s Speeches

(Cohen A303) (ICSA150)

First Edition
Cohen 303.1 / ICS A150

Publisher: Pimlico, London; New York, Random House: 2003
Hardbound, 550 pages numbered [i]-[xxxii] and [1]-[518]. Published in the UK at £20.
Short of the Complete Speeches, this is the best book you can own on Winston Churchill’s speeches, admirably collected and annotated by his grandson Winston. It is Winston’s personal selection of his favorites, ranging over Sir Winston’s entire output, from his maiden speech to his final days. Included are all the best-known speeches, as well as some that have never been published in volume form, such as WSC’s impromptu speech in Durban after escaping from the Boer prison camp in Pretoria in 1899. Infinitely readable and desirable.





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