“THE DAUGHTERS OF YALTA:” A Socially-Distanced Conversation with Catherine Grace Katz

The publication of a new Churchill-related book as good as THE DAUGHTERS OF YALTA, by Catherine Grace Katz, prompted us to hazard a webcast with the author, socially-distanced in our empty bookstore. 

Watch it now:

THE DAUGHTERS OF YALTA examines the Yalta Conference from a very unique perspective; in fact, three unique perspectives, those of Winston Churchill’s daughter Sarah, FDR’s daughter Anna, and Averel Harriman’s daughter Kathleen, each of whom accompanied their respective fathers to the conference. It is a revelatory new angle from which to view history.

The Wall Street Journal has already weighed in with a stellar review that you can read HERE.

Catherine Katz holds degrees in history from Harvard and Cambridge and is currently pursuing her JD at Harvard Law School. As if that isn’t enough activity, Catherine once worked in our Park Avenue Plaza building and came downstairs regularly to visit and browse our shelves. Her literary triumph is a source of pride to all of us.

To order your signed copy of THE DAUGHTERS OF YALTA just click HERE.