VINTAGE WPA POSTER of Winston Churchill & Franklin Roosevelt

“United for Victory”

1942 circa

By: Glen Osborn

Works Progress Administration [Unknown]

(16 x 20 inches) (Framed: 22 x 27 inches)

Item Number: 203825



A rare vintage WPA poster original of Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt in bust-length, hand-drawn portraits beneath their respective national flags. An image of the Statue of Liberty appears with the headlines (above): “United for Victory – Liberty for All,” and (below): “Democracy Shall Not Die. God Gave Us Courage. America Gave Us Strength.”

The artist, GLENN OSBORN, whose signature appears printed beneath the two portraits, was active in the world of hand-drawn first day stamp covers for the U.S. Postal Service.

The poster measures 16 x 24 inches and has been strikingly matted and framed in patriotic blue (22 x 27 inches overall).