-New American Paperback Edition-


First American Paperback Edition

By: Winston S. Churchill (edited by James W. Muller)

Intercollegiate Studies Institute [Wilmington, DE]

Biblio: (Cohen A95 (Woods A39)

8vo (380 pages with index, illustrated with black and white photos)

Softcover [Picture wraps]

Item Number: 15047


Collector's Guide

Thoughts and Adventures is a terrific anthology of Churchill essays and magazine articles from the 1920s and early 1930s on a wide variety of subjects, including, especially, his much-loved essay “Painting as a Pastime.” It was issued in the U.S. under the title Amid These Storms.


A welcome return to print of one of Churchill’s most accessible works. The complete original text is here amplified with new footnotes, new index and a new introduction. New, in wraps.