-The Arion Press Edition-


First Thus (In a limited edition of 400 copies)

By: Gertrude Stein (With Art by Clement Hurd) (Companion Volume by Edith Thacher Hurd)

Arion Press [San Francisco, CA]

(120 and 24 pages, respectively)

Hardcover [Rose-pink cloth]

Item Number: 14034



As-new copy, prroduced in an edition of 400 unnumbered copies, two volumes both bound in full rose-pink cloth with silk-screened titling, housed in a purpose-built, printed box. Though the box exterior is very lightly scuffed, the contents are in mint condition.

Gertrude Stein selected Clement Hurd to illustrate her first and only children’s book, THE WORLD IS ROUND, in 1939 from a field of competitors who submitted their work to her. For this Arion Press edition, Hurd’s wife — herself a noted children’s book author — contributed a companion volume, THE WORLD IS NOT FLAT; a memoir detailing the history and creation of the original publication, including correspondence between Stein and Hurd.

The main volume is circular, 9 inches in diameter, 120 pages. The companion volume is square, 6 by 6 inches, 48 pages. The type is Monotype Century Schoolbook with handset Stymie Bold for display. Illustrations are printed in blue, the text in black, and the display type in rose ink.