THE WORLD CRISIS: An Abridgement of the Classic Four-Volume History of World War I

-Contemporary Scribner Hardcover Reprint Edition-


Contemporary Scribner Hardcover Reprint Edition

By: Winston S. Churchill

Charles Scribners Sons [NY]

Biblio: (Cohen A69.20) (Woods A31bg)

8vo. (880 pages, illustrated with maps and plans)

Hardcover (with Dust Jacket) [Taupe cloth]

Item Number: 10609


Collector's Guide

The World Crisis is Churchill’s highly subjective history of the First World War. Comprising five volumes (in six books) written over eight years, the initial titles were first published in the U.S. (by a matter of days), making the American edition the true first edition. Volume I (1911-1914) and Volume II (1915) were published in 1923. Volume III (1916-1918 ) was published in two parts in 1927 (hence the five/in six volumes ultimate format). Volume IV (The Aftermath 1918-1928) was published in 1929; and Volume V (The Unknown War/The Eastern Front) in 1931. A one-volume abridgment by the author was soon issued. Most subsequent re-issues have been incomplete, abridged, or otherwise condensed versions of the original text.


This is a very good copy, in dust jacket, of the contemporary hardcover reissue of Scribner’s original abridged edition, which abridges only the first four books of THE WORLD CRISIS, and does not include either “The Aftermath” or “The Unknown War” (Books V and VI). In fact this edition is now out of print as well.