-Rebound From the Centenary Collected Works-

1973-1975 [Bound 1994]

First Thus

By: Winston S. Churchill

Library of Imperial History [London]

Biblio: (Cohen AA1)(Woods AA1)

Large 8vo (343 pages, including reproductions of the original maps and photographs)

Hardcover [Black cloth]

Item Number: 14896


Collector's Guide

The River War¬†was Winston Churchill’s second book, a brilliant history of British involvement in the Sudan and an account of the fierce campaign for its reconquest that Churchill himself participated in and, in many significant ways, disapproved of. Originally published in two large, lavish and, today, extremely rare volumes, THE RIVER WAR was abridged by Churchill himself for a 1902 one-volume edition. All subsequent editions have been versions of Churchill’s abridgement.


This is a virtually mint copy extracted from the legendary 34-volume “Centenary Edition” of Churchill’s Collected Works, which was published on the occasion of what would have been Churchill’s 100th birthday. A deluxe limited edition reprinting of every book-length title, the set was issued initially in full white vellum bindings. Only 1750 of the intended 3000 sets were ever actually bound. Subsequently, the unbound pages were discovered and rebound in a variety of styles. This single volume was elegantly rebound in an excellent facsimile of the First Edition’s original black cloth design, complete with the gilt-stamped illustration of a gunboat steaming down the Nile. The text was taken from Churchill’s later Abridged Edition of THE RIVER WAR.
The book is in virtually mint condition. An especially attractive alternative to more common reprintings of THE RIVER WAR.