THE RIVER WAR: An Historical Account of the Reconquest of the Soudan

-New Unabridged Annotated Edition-


Unabridged Annotated Edition

By: Winston S. Churchill

St. Augustines Press [London]

Biblio: (Cohen A2) (Woods A2a)

8vo (1,560 pages)

Hardcover [Dark blue-black cloth]

Item Number: 210061


Collector's Guide

The River War was Winston Churchill’s second book, a brilliant history of British involvement in the Sudan and an account of the fierce campaign for its reconquest that Churchill himself participated in and, in many significant ways, disapproved of. Originally published in two large, lavish and, today, extremely rare volumes, THE RIVER WAR was abridged by Churchill himself for a 1902 one-volume edition. All subsequent editions have been versions of Churchill’s abridgement.


Thirty-one years in the making, and 120 years since it’s original publication, a complete, unabridged, two-volume reissue of THE RIVER WAR has at last been published, superbly annotated by historian James W. Muller, with a posthumous Introduction by Lady Mary Soames.

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