-First English Edition Set Complete in Five Volumes-


First English Edition Set

By: Winston S. Churchill

Cassell and Co. [London]

Biblio: (Cohen A241-A273) (Woods A124- A142)


Hardcover (with Dust Jackets) [cloth]

Item Number: 19967


Collector's Guide

The Postwar Speeches of Winston Churchill were published beginning  in 1948 with The Sinews of Peace, which collected late-1945-1946 speeches, including Churchill’s historic Fulton, Missouri “Iron Curtain” speech. This was followed by Europe Unite in 1950 (1947-1948 speeches), In the Balance in 1951 (1949-1950 speeches), Stemming the Tide in 1953 (1951-1952 speeches), and The Unwritten Alliance in 1961 (1953-1959 speeches). The Unwritten Alliance appeared in England only and is thus the rarest of the postwar speech volumes.


This is a very good First English edition set, in unclipped dust jackets that are virtually mint. The books are as well. Quite a set.