A Speech Delivered by the Rt. Hon. John Morley, M.P. together with a Speech delivered by Mr. Winston Churchill, M.P. on May 13th, 1904, at Manchester.


First Thus

By: Winston S. Churchill

The Liberal Publication Department [London]

Biblio: (Cohen D8) (Woods Db25)

8vo (20 pages, stapled pamphlet)

Pamphlet [Printed wraps]

Item Number: 15454



The rarest of early Churchill speech pamphlets, here in virtually mint condition.
Philosopher and “free-thinker” JOHN MORLEY (1838-1923), the disciple and biographer of Gladstone, exerted a special influence on young Winston Churchill. In particular, Morley educated Churchill about the conditions of the poor in England. Churchill officially crossed the aisle to join the Liberal party on May 31, 1904. Two and a half weeks earlier, on May 13, 1904, in Manchester, he and Morley delivered the speeches reprinted here, in which they attacked the Unionist Party and its leader, Arthur Balfour, for opposing Free Trade.
This copy has the numeral “10” hand-stamped in the upper right-hand corner of the title page, as per bibliographer Ronald Cohen, who notes that such copies were unbound from Liberal Publications Department volumes of PAMPHLETS AND LEAFLETS FOR 1904.