THE GREAT REPUBLIC: A History of America

-First American Edition-


First American Edition

By: Winston S. Churchill

Random House [New York]

Biblio: (Cohen A301.1)

8vo (470 pages)

Hardcover (with Dust Jacket) [Blue cloth]

Item Number: 2593


Collector's Guide

The Great Republic collects all of Churchill’s major essays about the U.S.A. (approximately 130 pages), plus everything that he wrote about America in his History of the English-Speaking PeoplesĀ (approximately 230 pages). Also included are three Churchill essays about English Common Law, Magna Carta and Parliament (“America’s English Heritage”) along with his famous “what-if” story, “If Lee Had Not Won the Battle of Gettysburg.” Edited and arranged by Sir Winston’s grandson, the resulting volume constitutes an entirely new Churchill work.


This is a First American edition, as new, in dust jacket.