-Leatherbound Miniature Book-


First Thus

By: Francis Cardinal Spellman

Achille J. St. Onge [Worcester, MA]

3 1/4 x 2 1/8 inches (38 pages) 1 of 1000 copies

Leatherbound [Fuschia leather]

Item Number: 211142



SERMON OF HIS EMINENCE FRANCIS CARDINAL SPELLMAN At the Pontifical Mass on the Occasion of the Observance of the Silver Jubilee of his Consecration, Yankee Stadium, September 7, 1957.”

ACHILLE J. ST. ONGE (January 17, 1913–April 23, 1978) was the greatest maker of miniature books in the 20th Century. Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, he began producing them as a hobby in 1935. By the time he ceased in 1977, St. Onge had created 48 miniature masterpieces on an eclectic variety of subjects. The books all remain much-prized by collectors.