-Churchill presages atomic warfare.-


First Thus

By: Winston S. Churchill

Eilert Printing Co. [NY]

Biblio: (Cohen A74.1) (Woods A33)

8 x 4 inches (12 pages)

Pamphlet [Wire-stitched paper pamphlet]

Item Number: 18158



This ominously prophetic essay was reprinted in the U.S. thusly as a stand-alone pamphlet after appearing in the September 1924 issue of Nash’s Pall Mall Magazine. It would not be published in Great Britain until Churchill included it in his essay collection, THOUGHTS AND ADVENTURES, in 1932.

Churchill here presages the prolification of chemical and [hypothetically] atomic weapons: “Might not a bomb no bigger than an orange be found to possess secret power to destroy a whole block of buildings nay, to blast a township at a stroke? … As for Poison Gas and Chemical Warfare in all its forms, only the first chapter has been written of a terrible book.”

An extremely rare and important pamphlet, here lightly sunned and a touch foxed, but in very good condition overall.