First Thus

By: Winston S. Churchill

Eilert Printing Co. [NY]

Biblio: (Cohen A74.1) (Woods A33)

8 x 4 inches (12 pages)

Pamphlet [Wire-stitched paper pamphlet]

Item Number: 18158



“Might not a bomb no bigger than an orange be found to possess secret power to destroy a whole block of buildings nay, to blast a township at a stroke? … As for Poison Gas and Chemical Warfare in all its forms, only the first chapter has been written of a terrible book.”

Churchill presages the proliferation of chemical and [hypothetically] atomic weapons in this ominously prophetic essay, which first appeared in the September 1924 issue of Nash’s Pall Mall Magazine, before being published in the U.S. as this stand-alone pamphlet.

A true rarity, the pamphlet is here in very good condition, save for a chipped crease at the lower right corner, some faint toning and a former owner’s unfortunate ink-stamped name on the cover. Else fine.