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“I present to you two different pictures...One is very satisfactory. The other is a picture of almost unrelieved anxiety.”


First Edition (Second Issue)

By: Winston S. Churchill

Harrison & Sons [England]

Biblio: (Cohen A56.2) (Woods A28)

8 x 3 3/4 inches (35 pages)

Pamphlet [Orange Card wraps]

Item Number: 204151


An extremely rare pamphlet, containing Churchill’s first major post-World War I speech as Secretary of State for War, delivered at Sutherland, Northumberland, January 3, 1920. Churchill warns that Britain faces recession, that Germany faces “exclusion,” and that Bolshevism is on the march; prescient warnings even then, that no one heeded. Printed on the inside rear cover is the only volume appearance of “The State and the Individual,” excerpted from his article in the Illlustrated Sunday Herald, LABOUR AND THE LABOUR PARTY. This is a very good copy, with light soiling to the front cover, more pronounced to the rear, trifling discoloration to the page edges, and a modest thumbprint on the lower right edge of the title page, else fine. According to bibliographer Ronald Cohen, some copies of this pamphlet are known to exist without a title page. He ascribes no precedence to either issue, with or without the title page.