Original CARTOON from PUNCH Magazine

“All In Due Course”

February 8, 1911

By: Bernard Partridge (artist)

Punch Magazine [London]

(approx. 8 x 10 inches)

Item Number: 202685



This original cartoon from the British humor magazine Punch, dated February 8, 1911, is in very good condition. The caption reads:
“Catesby (Mr. Churchill). ‘My liege, the Dukes, etcetera, have been taken.’ Richard the Third (Mr. Asquith). ‘Off with their heads! So much for the Dukes, etcetera.’ Catesby. ‘Mr. Liege, e’en now they prate of self-reform.’ Richard the Third. ‘Off with their heads! We will reform ‘em later.’ ‘Richard the Third’’ (Colley Cibber – ‘French’ version), Act IV, Scene 4.”
It was drawn by the noted political cartoonist, Bernard Partridge, who, beginning in 1910, was Punch’s chief Cartoonist. He received a knighthood in 1925.