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[An Original Copy, as First Published in The Windsor Magazine]

March 1903

First Thus (Vol. XVII, No. 99)

By: Winston S. Churchill

Ward, Lock and Co. [London]

Biblio: (Cohen C222b) (Woods C29)

8vo (Pages 453-460, illustrated with drawings)

Magazine [Pictorial wraps]

Item Number: 204277


Written during Winston Churchill’s first lecture tour of the United States, which commenced 1 December 1900 and ended 1 February 1901, this rare short work of fiction (the third and virtually last work of fiction that Churchill composed) is essentially a fictionalized retelling of his Boer War escape. Churchill had contracted with Youth’s Companion magazine in the U.S. to write the story, at a rate of $100 per 1000 words. It ultimately was published on December 18, 1902 under the title “On The Flank of the Army,” followed by publication in Great Britain on March 1903 in The Windsor Magazine as, “The Flank of the Army. This is a very good copy of the original magazine, modestly browned with age, but intact. The contents are fine. (Please see Item #13720 for more about this short story.)