[American Paperback Reprint]


American Paperback Reprint

By: Winston S. Churchill

Touchstone Press [New York]

Biblio: (Cohen A 91.21) (Woods A37n)

8vo. (375+ pages)

Paperback [Picture wraps]

Item Number: 2673


Collector's Guide

My Early LifeĀ is the only volume of personal memoirs that Churchill ever wrote. It is, arguably, his most entertaining book and an excellent entry point into his writing; a vivacious memoir of youth and wayward school boyhood. Published in the U.S. under the title A Roving Commission, the book has been endlessly re-issued in a variety of editions. True first editions, however, remain quite rare.


This a fairly recent American paperback reprint, with a new introduction by William Manchester. Mint, in wraps.