-Second Printing of the First English Softcover Edition-


First English Softcover Edition/Second Printing

By: Winston S. Churchill

Thornton Butterworth Ltd. [London]

Biblio: (Cohen A92.1.e) (Woods A38)

8vo (144 pages)

Softcover [Green wraps]

Item Number: 10973


Collector's Guide

India is a slender compendium of Churchill’s speeches about Gandhi and “Our Duty in India.” It was simultaneously published in especially handsome hardcover and softcover editions, both much prized today by collectors.


This is a very good copy of the Second Printing of the First English edition, published in the same month as the First Printing but in green wrappers rather than orange. The wrappers have darkened somewhat with age and there is a small, faint price sticker shadow on the front face. The contents are fine and unfoxed. The book is preserved in a handsome burgundy cloth slipcase.