Framed Original Hand-Colored CARTOON from PUNCH Magazine



By: Bernard Partridge (artist)

Punch Magazine [London]

(8 x 10 inches) (Framed: 13 x 16 inches)

Item Number: 209907



Winston Churchill officially became First Lord of the Admiralty (for the first time) in October 1911. Within the year, he was advocating for larger Naval budgets and increased new ship building.

This hand-colored original cartoon from Punch magazine, dated December 11, 1912, is captioned: “Well-Earned Increment,” and sub-captioned: “(Design For An Admiralty Christmas Card).

The cartoon itself reads:
From Winston
I’m the sweet little Cherub that sits up aloft,
To keep watch o’er the life of poor Jack.

The artist was the noted political cartoonist, Bernard Partridge, who, beginning in 1910, was Punch magazine’s Chief Cartoonist. In 1925, Partridge received a knighthood.

The cartoon (8 x 10 inches) is matted and superbly framed in a hand-stenciled, gilt-edged, wood frame (13 x 16 inches overall).