Framed CARD GAME: “Puppet Peers”

[With Original Artwork]


Framed: 30 x 43 1/2 inches

Item Number: 288



An extraordinary vintage piece of political satire: a card game called “Puppet Peers” consisting of 52 cards (6 suits), each caricaturing a noted political figure of Winston Churchill’s political life in 1911, including Asquith, Lloyd George, McKenna, Macdonald and, of course, “Lord Winnie.”

The object of the game (a simple form of Whist) is to successfully collect a cabinet of “No. 10’s.” The cards (51 in all, with one Asquith lost) and the original rule book are here individually laid out surrounding the original artwork for each caricature — a group of delightful ink drawings — all beautifully framed in a Mission-style oak frame (30 x 43 1/2 inches overall).