-The Arion Press Edition-


First Thus (Number 240 in a limited edition of 275 copies)

By: Edwin Abbott (Introductory Essay by Ray Bradbury) (Illustrated with Die-Cutouts by Andrew Hoyem)

Arion Press [San Francisco, CA]

Tall Quarto (Unpaginated)

Hardcover [Aluminum boards]

Item Number: 211258



One of the imaginative wonders of 20th Century Fine Press bookmaking.

This elaborate 1980 rendering by the Arion Press of a late-19th century science fiction novel by English schoolmaster Edwin Abbott (who published pseudonymously under the name: “Square”) relates the story of a square living in a two-dimensional world who visits a world of lines, another comprised of just a single dot, and is in turn visited by a three-dimensional sphere.

The book is a two-sided accordion-style binding encased in aluminum boards that unfold as one 33-foot long text, then recoil to slide back into an elegantly configured latched aluminum-tooled frame. It is illustrated with hand-colored die-cutouts by Arion Press founder Andrew Hoyem and contains a signed Introductory Essay by science fiction titan Ray Bradbury.

Number 240 in a limited edition of 275 copies, in virtually mint condition.