-Framed Lithograph by Winston Churchill's Grandaughter-

Limited to 850 copies

By: Edwina Sandys

19 x 20 inches. (Framed: 27 x 28 inches)

Item Number: 211033



Limited edition lithograph of a charming watercolor by Winston Churchill’s granddaughter, the distinguished artist Edwina Sandys, depicting her grandfather just beginning a painting of his beloved Chartwell home. The printed caption quotes from his essay, “Painting as a Pastime:” “When I get to heaven, I mean to spend a considerable portion of my first million years in painting.”

Number 352 of 850 copies, in mint condition, measuring 19 x 20 inches, signed, titled and numbered by the artist in pencil, and here beautifully framed in white lacquer (27 x 28 inches overall).

EDWINA SANDYS was born December 1938 at No. 79 Chester Square, London, the second child of Winston and Clementine Churchill’s eldest daughter, Diana, and the politician Duncan Sandys. Following family tradition, she was christened in the crypt of the House of Commons. Her grandfather was the first painter Edwina ever saw at work. “When he was painting, he was totally absorbed,” she has recalled. “I think – well, I know for myself – that painting uses a different part of your brain and your whole being. So it was a great outlet for him, a complete contrast to the affairs of state. One thing that is clear from his paintings is his love of life. He went at it with relish and gusto.”