Proceedings on the Occasion of An Address by the Rt. Hon. W.L. Mackenzie King, Prime Minster of Canada


First Thus

By: Addresses by Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, et al.

King’s Printer [Ottawa]

Biblio: (Cohen D103.1)

6 3/4 x 9 3/4 inches (22 pages)

Pamphlet [Printed Paper wraps]

Item Number: 211000



This very rare pamphlet reprints an “Introduction” by Churchill as PM, delivered at Westminster, London on May 11, 1944, together with addresses by Canadian PM Mackenzie King; the Lord Chancellor Viscount Simon; and Clifton Brown, Speaker of the House of Commons.

Originally published in Ottawa, this wire-stitched printed paper pamphlet is in exceptionally good condition, formally address-stamped and postmarked on its rear face as a mailer.