[First Trade Edition]


First Trade Edition (After the original limited edition by the Janus Press in 1988)

By: Margaret Kaufman ( Designed by Claire Van Vliet)

Chronicle Books [San Francisco]

Hardcover [Stiff multi-colored wraps]

Item Number: 14754



Text handset in 10-point Helvetica and printed on tan, green, and blue Fabriano cover; Barcham Green India, Boxley, and India Office; Twinrocker Aura and Lilac Wind; MacGregor-Vinzani blue-fleck and Brockport; and MacGregor-Vinzani lilac, pink, grey, and tan for the binding concertina. Book designed and constructed by Claire Van Vliet based on a binding structure developed by Hedi Kyle and made with Tamar Thorne and Linda Wray. Accompanying box made by Judi Conant, Guildhall, Vermont. Bound in glossy triangular, multi-colored wrappers.
This is a mint copy, still in the publisher’s original shrinkwrap.