-Illustrated Edition (Complete in 112 Parts/7 Volumes)-


First Thus

By: Winston S. Churchill & Various Others [Edited by Mortimer Wheeler, Hugh Trevor-Roper, and A.J.P. Taylor]

Purnell & Sons Ltd. for BPC Publishing Ltd. [London]

4to [13x9 inches] (3,000+ pages, lavishly illustrated)

Hardcover [Laminated blue binders]

Item Number: 13313


Collector's Guide

A History of the English-Speaking Peoples was Winston Churchill’s last great work; a sweeping, four-volume history of England, her colonies, and the language that Churchill so venerated and ennobled in his own writings. Published nearly twenty years after Churchill composed his first draft in the late-1930s, the books were released after the war simultaneously in Britain, the U.S., and Canada over a period of three years. The original English edition was handsomely printed, the American and Canadian editions less so. Subsequent re-issues and abridgments abound.


Initially published in 112 weekly magazine parts, this collection is not entirely the work of Winston Churchill. The text consists of excerpts from Churchill’s original four volume opus, with additional annotation notes, treatises and sidebars contributed by other authors. The pages are profusely illustrated in color and monochrome. Once all the parts were issued, the publisher provided these seven thick blue vinyl binders to house the set in, accompanied by two “Guidebooks” containing supplemental material.
This set is complete in the original binders which are a bit rubbed and shelfworn, with one tear at the upper joint of Volume 1. The contents are fine.