Celebrate With Our New 2019 Catalogue

Churchill in Vogue: CatalogWinston Churchill has had a wonderful year and so have we, watching it all happen along with you. Movies, television series, Golden Globes and Academy Awards. Gary Oldman even stopped by.

For the 35th consecutive year, we are delighted to celebrate with you Winston Churchill’s birthday. His 144th. As ever, we celebrate by sharing our new catalogue of Churchilliana, which we’ve titled: “CHURCHILL IN VOGUE,” because he is. Not bad for a gent of 144 years.

The catalogue looks back at the many ways Winston Churchill was celebrated in his own lifetime; on paper and in print. It also features, as always, first edition copies of every title in the Churchill canon. Expanding upon our standard fare, this year we present a number of scarce Second Printings, as well. These inviting (and usually identical- looking) rarities are fascinating alternatives to the priciest Firsts. You’ll find Second Printing First Editions of The River War, Savrola, Ian Hamilton’s March and Great Contemporaries, among others.

Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays!