Numerous non-English editions of Churchill war speeches were published. Some closely follow the various English editions, but most do not, and even those with the same titles add or delete speeches according to the preference or politics of their publishers. Several have misleading titles. The Norwegian Blod, Svette og Tarer (Blood, Sweat, and Tears) actually includes speeches from both that title and The Unrelenting Struggle. Accordingly, we have found it less confusing to group them all by language. (Secret Session Speeches, where the translations exactly coincide, lists them in the usual manner.)
Since few non-English editions of the first six war speech volumes precisely follow the contents of the corresponding English titles, it seems more convenient to group them separately. Readers interested in a particular language should acquire all the volumes listed. See also foreign translations uniform with the first collected edition (War Speeches 1940-1945, Cohen A218 / Woods A113), and translations of Secret Session Speeches (Cohen A221 / Woods A114).



DO BOJE (F. R. Vorovy: Prague 1946)

NELITOSTNY ZAPAS (F. R. Vorovy: Prague 1947)

KONEC ZACATKU (Stoleti Prerdu: Prague 1947)

VZHURUK VITEZSTVI (F. R. Vorovy: Prague 1947)

CZHURU KVITEZSVI (F. R. Vorovy: Prague 1948)

COTERVA NKY OSVOZONY (F. R. Vorovy: Prague 1948)



I KAMP (Gyldendal: Copenhagen 1948)

DEN HAARDE DYST (Gyldendal: 1948)

MAALET I SIGTE (Gyldendal: 1948)

SEJR (Gyldendal: 1948)

TALER (Gyldendal Ugleboger: Copenhagen 1965)

The 1948 titles were large softbound books with illustrated wrappers, subsequently bound in two volumes, half navy morocco and patterned paper covered boards labeled Taler I-II and Taler III-IV. The 1965 comprises 280 pages with speeches selected from the original works.



Subtitled 1939-1941 and 1944-1945. Published by W. Soderstrom: Helsinki, 1946 and 1948 respectively. These are collected editions, seen both unbound and in paper covered boards.



L’ENTREE EN LUTTE (Heinemann & Zsolnay: London 1943)

LA LUTTE SANS RELâCHE (Heinemann & Zsolnay: 1943)

LA FIN DU COMMENCEMENT (Heinemann & Zsolnay: 1943)

EN AVANT VERS LA VICTOIRE (Heinemann & Zsolnay: 1944)

L’AUBE DE LA LIBERATION (Heinemann & Zsolnay: 1945)

VICTOIRE (Heinemann & Zsolnay: 1946)

DISCOURS DE GUERRE 1940-1942 (Shevnal Press, UK 1945)

The first six titles are uniformly bound in white wrappers printed blue and red. Discours de Guerre is a small paperback.



REDEN 1938-1940 (Putnam: New York 1941.)
This interesting volume bears a dust jacket uniform in style to the English Into Battle, contains the Putnam text from Blood, Sweat, and Tears, and was apparently distributed by the British Legation in Berne, Switzerland. Blue cloth blocked blue on top board and spine; orange stained top page edges.

REDEN 1938-40 (Europa Verlag: Zurich 1946)

INS GEFECHT (Europa Verlag:1946)


DAS ENDE DES ANFANGS (Europa Verlag:1948)

VORWARTS ZUM SIEG (Europa Verlag:1948)

ENDSIEG (Europa Verlag: 1950)

The Europa volumes are uniformly bound in coarse and smooth tan cloth with dust jackets whose colors change with the volume. Together with the German Edition of Secret Session Speeches (see separately under that title), these comprise seven volumes sequentially numbered “Band 1” through “Band 7.”

REDEN (Ullstein Bücher: 1955; speeches 1938-45, 212 pages)



Published by Rizzoli: Milan 1948. Subtitled 1938-1942 and 1943-1945. Bound in white card wrappers printed black, then with medium green dust jackets with white spines. L700 per volume.



KOZ (Seoul Newspaper Company: Seoul 1947; Institute of International Affairs: Seoul 1949).



BLOD, SVETTE OG TARER (Cappelens: Oslo 1946; softbound and quarter leather)

MOT SEIER (Cappelens: 1946; softbound and quarter leather)

VED MALET (Cappelens: 1947; softbound and quarter leather)

On all quarter leather editions, two jackets have been noted: illustrated on thin paper, and unillustrated on heavy paper.



Published by Pilot Press: London 1945. Subtitled O Culegere a Discursurilor Tinute de Primul Ministrue al Maeri Britanni, intre Mai 1940 si Octombrie 1943.



Published by H.M. Stationery Office: London 1945.



SANGRE, SUDOR & LáGRIMAS (Editorial Clarid: Buenos Aires 1941)

EL FIN DEL PRINCIPIO DEL ASISMO A LA VICTORIA (Editorial Clarid: Buenos Aires 1944)

ADELANTE HACíA LA VICTORIA (Los Libros de Nuestro Tiempo: Barcelona 1944)

ALBA DE LIBERACIóN (Los Libros de Nuestro Tiempo: 1945)

VICTORIA (Los Libros de Nuestro Tiempo: 1947)

HACíA LA VICTORIA (Ediciones Minerva: Mexico City 1945)



BLOD, SVETT OCH TÅRAR (Skoglund: Stockholm 1941)
Soft and clothbound; a 1941 second edition adds three May 1938 speeches.

OFORTROTTAD KAMP (Skoglund: 1942; soft and clothbound)

SLUTET AV BORJAN (Skoglund: 1943; soft and clothbound)

FRAM MOT SEGERN (Skoglund: 1944; soft and clothbound)

BEFRIELSENS GRYNING (Skoglund: 1945; soft and clothbound)

SEGER (Skoglund: 1945; soft and clothbound)

KRIGSKRÖNIKA (2 vols., Skoglund: Stockholm and H. Schildt: Helsinki.)
Volume I (1945) is entitled simply Krigskrönika; Volume II (1947) is entitled Krigskrönika 1944-45. Soft and clothbound. Soft and clothbound Swedish titles came with a dust jacket. They were later combined with the Swedish postwar speech volumes in a four volume leatherbound set.



Published by Basimeri: Istanbul 1942.


Combined Work in Korean

A Korean translation of Blood, Sweat, and Tears is combined with quote extracts (The Wisdom of Winston Churchill) in a volume published by Lim Ik yong: Seoul 1966.




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