We have decided to commemorate our 39th (“Jack Benny”) Birthday with a diverting keepsake.

As we wrote on our actual birthday on April 11, this is Chartwell Booksellers’ 39th year of existence — a number that the comedian Jack Benny always humorously claimed as his permanent birthday. To celebrate, we have commissioned one of New York City’s finest paint-by-numbers artists to paint a limited number of original Winston Churchill paint-by-numbers portraits

Each paint-by-numbers work of art measures 18 x 22 inches, is signed and numbered by the artist (Lori Sue Reese), and bears our 39th Anniversary stamp.

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Our painting is inspired by the English portraitist Douglas Chandor’s celebrated work, originally painted in 1948 and featured on the cover of Time magazine that year. This painting was purchased by Bernard Baruch for $25,000 and presented by Baruch to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in 1960. Some years ago, we sold a color print of it, signed and dated by Winston Churchill in 1949.

We are donating $25 from each painting sale to the Ukrainian Safety Fund of the International & European Federations of Journalists, which is providing vital protective armor to journalists covering the front lines in the Ukraine, and humanitarian aid for those forced to flee.

It’s the least we can do, in honor of our 39th year and Winston Churchill, the finest war correspondent of his age, who always took the measure of Russian aggression.

We wish you continued good health and safety, hopefully without the need for body armor.