-Framed WWII Poster & Commemorative Card-


(21 x 30 inches)

Item Number: 210632



A handsome vintage poster of the full text for the Atlantic Charter, issued in 1941, framed with a commemorative card of the same vintage featuring vivid caricatures of Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt.

From August 9-12, 1941, Churchill and Roosevelt met secretly aboard the USS Augusta and the British battle cruiser HMS Prince of Wales (both depicted here) off the coast of Newfoundland to discuss strategy for the war against the Axis powers. One central outcome of their Atlantic Conference was the so-called “Atlantic Charter,” a blueprint for the world after World War II that later formed the basis for the United Nations Charter. It was, in fact, initially only a statement drafted and agreed to by Churchill and FDR; the term “Atlantic Charter” was later coined by a London newspaper, the Daily Herald, after the joint declaration was published. The ideals expressed in the eight points of this agreement were so popular, however, that posters of it were produced.

This very early one, headed: “The Text of the Joint Declaration,” pre-dates the subsequent “Atlantic Charter” naming. It is in very good condition, measuring 13 x 13 inches. The commemorative card matted with it measures 8 x 8 inches. They are together sumptuously framed (21 x 30 inches overall).