OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY: THE CHURCHILL DOCUMENTS Volume 23 [The Final Volume – Just Published]

Never Flinch, Never Weary, November 1951 - February 1965


First American Edition

By: Martin Gilbert and Larry P. Arnn

Hillsdale College Press [Michigan]

Biblio: (Za302h2) (R230b)

8vo (2370 pages)

Hardcover (with Dust Jacket) [Burgundy cloth]

Item Number: 209236



The final volume of the Official Biography, at last completed. This is the second “DOCUMENTS” [”COMPANION”] Volume for MAIN Volume VIII. Bravo to Hillsdale College Press for not merely reissuing the Official Biography in its entirety but actually finishing it! Unlike the original COMPANION volumes, these Hillsdale College Press DOCUMENTS volumes are numbered consecutively as one continuous set of books, rather than as contained sets attached to each MAIN volume. Thus, this DOCUMENTS Volume 23 corresponds to what would have been COMPANION Volume VIII-Part 2.