GREAT CONTEMPORARIES: Churchill Reflects on FDR, Hitler, Kipling, Chaplin, Balfour and Other Giants of His Age

-Recent Paperback Reissue-


Paperback Reissue

By: Winston S. Churchill (edited by James W. Muller)

Intercollegiate [Wilmington, DE]

8vo (400 pages; illustrated with black and white photographs)

Paperback [Pictorial wraps]

Item Number: 18384


Collector's Guide

Great Contemporaries comprises twenty-one penetrating profiles of political and literary luminaries. An utter delight to read, beautifully written and brutally opinionated (Hitler comes off just a bit better than George Bernard Shaw), the ensuing “Revised” edition (and most future reprints) added four new profiles: Lord Fisher, Charles Stewart Parnell, Lord Baden-Powell and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.


This new paperback edition contains five profiles and nearly 30 black and white photographs not included in previous editions, as well as an introduction by volume editor James W. Mueller, who also edited and introduced the 2009 paperback reissue of Churchill’s THOUGHTS AND ADVENTURES (see item 15047).