FRAMED PHOTOGRAPH with SIGNATURE of Winston Churchill in Jerusalem



American Colony Jerusalem [Jerusalem]

(7 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches) (Framed: 16 x 20 inches)

Item Number: 204435

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This extraordinary vintage original press photograph of Winston Churchill in Jerusalem was taken on March 28, 1921. The main persons are all numbered and identified in a corresponding list handwritten on the verso. They are:
1. Master Godfrey Samuel
2. Mrs. Winston Churchill
3. Colonel Storrs, Jerusalem Governor
4. Mr. Winston Churchill
5. Sir Herbert Samuel [Palestine High Commissioner]
6. Mr. James Rothschild
7. Mrs. Edwin Samuel
8. Emir Abdullah brother to Sharif Feisul [sic]
9. Mr. Edwin Samuel
10. Lady Samuel
11. Sharifiska Officerare.

The photo verso also bears an ink-stamp that reads: ”Kindly print beneath reproduction: Photograph by American Colony, Jerusalem.

The photograph measures 7 1/4 x 9 1/4 and is in very good condition. It is matted with Winston Churchill’s ink signature on a clipped segment of embossed Colonial Office, Downing Street, S.W.1. letterhead (4 x 5 inches).

Winston Churchill served as Secretary of State for the Colonies in Andrew Bonar Law’s government from 1921-1922. In March 1921 he convened a Conference on the Middle East in Cairo that would result in the creation of the “kingdoms” of Iraq (Mesopotamia) and Transjordan, with, respectively, the brothers Faisal and Abdullah ibn Hussein (pictured here) crowned as their rulers. Churchill visited Jerusalem for the first time on March 24 to meet with Abdullah at Government House, where this picture was taken.

A very rare and important early photograph with a very fine contemporaneous signature, lustrously framed.