BETWEEN-THE-WARS Original PRESS PHOTOGRAPH of Winston & Clementine Churchill


Sport & General Press Agency, Limited

8 7/8 x 6 7/8 inches (Black & white gelatin print)

Item Number: 203168



There is no paper caption affixed to the verso of this rare vintage print, only a penciled date of “1935.” The image captures Mr. and Mrs. Churchill in full electioneering mode, no doubt during the General Election of 1935.

Churchill already was gaining attention (both admiring and otherwise) for his speeches warning about Hitler and German rearmament. As a result, he received many invitations during this General Election to speak on behalf of other Conservative candidates in other constituencies than his own. He never shied from his dark message about Germany in these speeches. “I think we ought to pull of a satisfactory majority,” he wrote to his friend Abe Bailey on October 31, just two weeks before the election, “but it is a fearsome thing to cast the whole future of the Empire on the franchise of so many simple folk.””

The photograph is in very good condition, faintly backstamped in ink: “Sport & General Press Agency, Limited.